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I passed the 200 followers through the night. Thanks all so much for following! I might draw something for the occasion later, but for now… have some sketches from my sketchbook.

Simon Blackquill commission for keibetsu

Commission info here

Far too many times have I seen posts and comics that have a similar subject but end with “lol quitting art 4ever” when they see a good artist who is younger than themselves. When in reality it only means that you can learn from this person!

Don’t know what to say other than


This is what a warm up getting out of hand looks like

I saw the old TV show of Pippi Longstocking on tv the other day. Figured I could try to quickly attempt my own take on this dearly beloved childhood character.


~~Pay what YOU want art commissions~~

There’s a selection of 4 different types you can commission;

  1. Roughly painted bust
  2. Clean character (always full body!)
  3. Quickly colored sketch
  4. Sketch page (approx. 8-10 sketches per page, A5 size)

While it is pay what you want I do ask you to please offer a reasonable price for what you ask.

Please let me know if you’re interested by either sending me a message in my ask box or e-mailing me to

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been very active lately but that should change pretty soon as I’ll be working on stuff when college starts in a week from now.

And that’s kinda why I’m reblogging this post in particular. I need to buy a few more things like drawing materials and my budget is a bit on the tight side. I could really use some extra cash.

Just so you know that $2 USD for one sketch page (#4) is totally fine atm

If you can’t buy anything but don’t mind helping me feel free to reblog this post to get the word out. It’ll be much appreciated C:

Finally sat down to draw my main character in Guild Wars 2

Man I’m really rusty with painting

Motorbikes are hard to draw

Championsona (design) + Volcarona commission for noivernevo

Commission info here

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