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Who wears it best?

I love your work but I thought you should know that Illustration is spelled wrong on your personal work page on your website.

Thanks for the kind words and for the heads up! Well spotted <:

I wanted to do a thank you picture for the 50 followers milestone but I just missed it and decided to wait til 60 for a nice even number

Sincerely, thank you!

It’s hard to simplify a motorbike when you don’t know the parts.

But at least I’m trying something outside of my comfort zone. That counts for something, right?

Actual reason I’m doing this though is because I’ve been wanting to draw a character of mine with one. Figured he could be the kind of guy to ride one.

Thought I could show my “learning to draw Mark’s face” stuff. The one from January doesn’t look like him at all oops

Have a bonus one

Perhaps a bit late for the 2 year anniversary but early for the 2.5 million subscribers milestone

I’ve really enjoyed this guy’s videos in the past weeks, especially when I was stressfully awaiting a reply whether I got into animation college or not (spoiler alert: I got in). This is probably all I can do as a way to say thanks so… thanks Mark uvu I’m not sure what the pose is supposed to be though oops

Yaaaay I got accepted for the animation college! :D

I’ve been feeling very down ever since the interview because I had said one or two things I wish I’d said differently but hey would you look at that I got in anyway!

Man I really need to post some art here. I’ve been drawing some fanart stuff mostly lately and I kinda want to keep that off this blog, though that might change.

Another application assignment. I had to draw a room that also served as an opening shot for a film.

I’m aware of some issues like different shadows or no shadow where there should be, but I wanted to post this the way I sent it off to the animation college last month.

I guess it’s safe to upload these.

This is one of the animation college application assignments where I had to design a main character for an imaginary tv show. I eventually came up with this ghost lady who ‘lives’ in a neo futuristic city. I imagined the city and the world itself to be kinda dark, gray and gritty while this gal and other ghosts who roamed the world are very colorful.

Maybe I’ll doodle and draw the idea some more in the future. There’s plenty of things to play and experiment with I think.

Sorry to break a silence with this picture but I thought I could show the things I’ll be taking with me for an interview tomorrow. I signed up for Animation at the HKU 2 months ago. I had to make some assignments first and based on those got to the second round, which is the interview.

I really think Animation is gonna be really good for me. I’ve always loved it and the work behind it.

Wish me luck!

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